mia lindgren och elina holmgren

vår filosofi foto elina holmgren heliga hembygd 







About us... 

Mia and Elina live in a yellow cottage right in between the two largest lakes in Sweden. In the guest chamber there’s a carpenter's bench and in the hall there is a weaving loom. Between them, boots and jackets as well as geraniums and dried skins of foxes, are finding themselves comfortable. In the garden, we grow turnips and when we dig, skeletons and ancient artifacts are found in the dirt.


Our closest neighbour is a huge old monastery ruin, from the 13th century, where four old Swedish Kings and the historic Birger Jarl rests for eternity. Further, through our kitchen window we can see "Sigrids hill" which hides more than thousand viking-age bodies and the excavation of Sweden's oldest church site. In Varnhem we also have tourists, loads of cherry trees, and hopes of a local grocery store.


We moved here in the spring of 2012 and we have decided that this is our place to call home.


Our Philosophy 

Perhaps the weeds near the ditch can become a tasty dinner. Perhaps the iron nugget in the garden contains stories of medieval adventures!


We believe in seizing the opportunities that exist around us, to create valuable everyday experiences. Doing so, we build a relation to the place, which makes us feel connectedness and meaning.