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Like the grand generation, our parents grew up with the delicious dish filbunke. Elinas mother tells: “There was always a filbunke on-going in the kitchen cabinet, a warm space close to the stove.”


mia lindgren haller filbunke foto elina holmgren heliga hembygd


Filbunke is a fermented dairy product as cultured buttermilk, it got a consistency like melt cheese and has a sour taste. We eat it for breakfast, in the weekends with fresh berries and honey, and during the week, with cereals and jam.


mia lindgren kokar filbunke foto elina holmgren heliga hembygd


The first time you make a filbunke you need some old filbunke as a start-up-culture. In Sweden it is possible to buy one at the supermarket, you can also exchange or trade a dried start-up-culture from us.

Heat fat milk to the boiling point and let it cool to lukewarm. Put some of the old filbunke in small bowls or deep plates and poor the milk on top of it. Stir until it mixed.


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Put a plate on each bowl an make a nice pile. Then leave them in room temperature for one day or until the milk got thick. (The surface will get a sticky skin.) Store the filbunke in the fridge and serve it cold.


staplad filbunke foto elina holmgren heliga hembygd




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